Video Maker Job opportunity


We will not bother you with a job description. We will not ask you for any special qualifications: you know how equipped your competitors are, so it’s up to you to let us know what’s special in your background.


  • is a consulting firm managing the key challenges you would like to deal with, when putting yourself in the shoes of a Client;
  • has a great potential to become a creative hub
  • is made by a bunch of young talents deserving the chance to become known and to hit great business successes.


  • you are an inspired person able to give creative shape to clients’ requests;
  • your skills and abilities make you the perfect P&Co. teammate;
  • you feel at home in international environments, you are a curious geek and you love innovative ideas and video maker more than your boyfriend/girlfriend;
  • you are confident in using video software such as Suite Adobe, Final Cut Pro.


  • it’s possible that you can run for an internship;
  • it’s possible that you complete the internship;
  • it’s possible that you get a job offer;
  • if all the above occur, for sure you will have also a lot of fun.

You will be assigned a tutor, however your constant interaction will be with social media managers, web developers, graphic designers, communication specialists, storytellers, EU funding experts and… a visionary founder.

This is an equal opportunity offer. To apply, please send your resume in English to Should you get an interview with us, please come with a portfolio.